Official Gurkha Issue Kukri Boot Knife BK 004



Official Gurkha Issue Kukri Boot Knife

The Service No.1 Kukri is an official Gurkha issue khukuri knife that is handcrafted in Nepal. The Gurkhas are a legendary Nepalese army known for their bravery and military prowess, and the kukri knife is one of their most iconic weapons.

The Service No.1 Kukri features a long, curved blade that is typically around 10-12 inches in length. The blade is made of high-quality steel and is hand-forged by skilled Nepalese artisans using traditional methods. The blade has a sharp edge and a pointed tip, making it ideal for chopping, slicing, and stabbing.

The handle of the knife is typically made of wood or a horn and is designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. The handle may also feature brass or copper accents and a lanyard hole, which can be used to attach the knife to a belt or other gear.